Hi, I'm Skye. I’m adopted!

Keeshond | Young | Female | Medium

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About Me

Skye was adopted November 2023!

Skye was adopted in August, but due to a death in the adopter’s family, she has come back to us for placement.

Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and happy is how Skye wakes up every day! Going outside is so exciting EVERY SINGLE TIME woof!! woof!! woof!!!!!

Skye’s a Keeshond (pronounced kaze-hund), the National dog of the Netherlands, a medium-sized dog with a salt-and-pepper, soft, thick coat.

Skye bonds closely with her humans — cuddling is her specialty — and wants to be near them always. She will tolerate your absences but wouldn’t be happy to be routinely left alone all day.

Although Skye is crate trained, she’s had free-reign in her foster house since her house-training is solid and she doesn’t chew or destroy things. However, as with any dog new to your home, Skye should be treated as as though she were a new puppy for the first week or so since the change of their entire environment is very unsettling to many dogs.

Skye’s coat requires weekly (20 minutes) or daily brushing but no special hair cut. Just give Skye a good dog chew or treats to occupy and reward her cooperation and brush away! Your reward will be a gorgeous dog, and very little hair in your home.

Skye loves her tennis balls and jumps in the air to catch them on the bounce. That’s 5 minutes of great exercise lol! Skye loves ball play, sprints and just poking around outside, so she would do best with her own yard. Skye loves water and is the first into the baby pool on a hot day. Skye also loves walks and will be happy to accompanying you anywhere you go. She’s great at making friends!

Skye has attended doggy daycare all her life, but her foster thinks she’s at a point where she’d prefer a calmer life-style.

Skye is a talker … there’s no denying that! She’s got a wide variety of interesting vocalizations. Keeshonden were bred to be watchdogs on Dutch barges, so they will let you know if there is a stranger approaching your home but is welcoming once you tell her they’re friends. Still, training Skye about when barking is acceptable and when you want her to stop is entirely appropriate!

If you would treasure this loving young dog and can commit to providing a devoted forever-home where her health and happiness are priorities, please complete an application for Skye! Please note that her adoption fee is $400.

My Profile

  • Age: 2 yrs
  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • Good with kids: Yes
  • Good with dogs: Yes
  • Good with cats: Unknown
  • Fenced yard: Yes
  • Suitable for townhouse and/or apartment: No
  • House trained: Yes.
  • Crate trained: Yes
  • Barks when left alone: Occasionally
  • Chews inappropriate items: No
  • Training: Refresher basic training advised
  • Activity level: Medium

Meet Me

If you are interested in Skye. I’m adopted!, consider letting us know by filling out a (no-obligation) adoption application. Please consult our Adoption FAQ before contacting us.

Please check the adoption-show-attendees page to see if Skye. I’m adopted! will be attending the next adoption show.

NOTE: We are an all volunteer group and do not operate a shelter. All of our animals are in foster homes. We are unable to place our animals outside of the Baltimore/DC area.