Hi, I'm Isla. I’m adopted!

German Shepherd Dog Collie | Young | Female | Large

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About Me

Isla was adopted February of 2019!

This foster dog, Isla, is a darling dog who has a heart of gold. She is very sweet, gentle with kids, not a huge licker (but will get up close and personal if you let her), and very smart. She has learned sit, stay, down, shake and come, and is in the process of getting clicker trained by our eager teen. She will follow you around the house, eager to see what you are up to, and wants to be near you because she loves you. She rarely gets on any furniture and enjoys her dog bed.

She is house trained. We sometimes put her in a crate when we leave the house, but mostly we let her roam free. She will bark or scratch at the door for about 30 seconds and then she’s done – and goes to her bed and waits for us to get home. She also goes into her crate fairly willingly – she may need a tiny nudge but she goes in and doesn’t complain. Our favorite part is when we give her a treat – she takes it SO gently from our hands. We gave her a raspberry recently and she took it softly, put it on the floor, and ate it in 3 bites. It was adorable and so so gentle.

At night she sleeps in the bedroom with her favorite person (who knows who that will be when she’s adopted but for now, it’s the mom of the house). She lays on the floor, perks up if she hears anything, but has grown accustomed to our schedule. She doesn’t bark or whine when there is movement – just seems to be aware of it and continues on with her sleep until it is REALLY time to get up.

She’s a great dog who will make a family very happy. She will enjoy long walks or runs, chew toys and things to keep her busy. She will be a very loyal companion to you and will love you forever.

My Profile

  • Age: 1 year
  • Weight: 50 lbs.
  • Good with kids: Yes
  • Good with dogs: Yes.
  • Good with cats: Unsure
  • Fenced yard: Not required.
  • Suitable for townhouse and/or apartment: OK for townhouse or apartment, as long as I get enough exercise
  • House trained: Yes.
  • Crate trained: Yes.
  • Barks when left alone: I'll whine when you leave, but then I'll settle down.
  • Chews inappropriate items: I generally don't chew on inappropriate items, except for the occasional sock
  • Training: I know the basic commands: Sit. Stay. Come. I sit really well when I know a walk is about to follow and I’m getting a leash on. I am getting clicker-trained!
  • Activity level: I am very active and need lots of interactive play!
  • Special needs: null
  • null

Meet Me

If you are interested in Isla. I’m adopted!, consider letting us know by filling out a (no-obligation) adoption application. Please consult our Adoption FAQ before contacting us.

Please check the adoption-show-attendees page to see if Isla. I’m adopted! will be attending the next adoption show.

NOTE: We are an all volunteer group and do not operate a shelter. All of our animals are in foster homes. We are unable to place our animals outside of the Baltimore/DC area.