Distemper Booster

The booster clinic will be held July 6th, at our clinic, 8210 D’Arcy Road in Forestville. Please sign up for an appointment below. 

Registration here is only for pets that received a distemper vaccination at the previous PGSPCA shot clinic. You may include all your pets getting booster shots on one registration form.


PLEASE NOTE – The booster clinic gate will close at 12 noon. If you miss your appointment, in order to complete your pet’s immunity, you will need to come to the regular shot clinic on Sunday and wait in line. There are no appointments at the regular shot clinic.

If you would like your pet to get a rabies vaccination or a microchip, you will need to come to the regular shot clinic; we are only administering distemper shots at this clinic.

Esta registración es solo para mascotas que recibieron una vacuna contra el moquillo (distemper) en la anterior clinica. Usted puede incluir todas sus mascotas que necesitan el refuerzo en una sola forma. Esta NO es una clinica sin cita. Usted tiene que registrarse para una cita. 
Si usted quiere que su mascota reciba la vacuna contra la rabia o que le pongan microchip, necesitará venir a la clinica de vacunas regular. Solo refuerzos contra moquillo serán administrados en esta clinica. 

Distemper is a series of shots, given 3-4 weeks apart. Animals that get their first dose before 16 weeks (4 months) of age need a booster every 3-4 weeks, with the final booster given at 4 months or older. Animals that get their first dose at 16 weeks or older need only 2 shots. Once the series is complete, the animal then requires just an annual booster. Your pet must be 8 weeks (2 months) or older to get a distemper shot. To be effective, the first vaccination must be boosted in 3-4 weeks. Otherwise, your pet’s immunity will not be complete and you will need to restart the series of shots from the beginning, costing you time and money.

For information on future events, please watch our calendar at www.pgspca.org/events. Or you can check out the offerings from the following low-cost providers:

Petco Vaccination Clinics
SPCA of Anne Arundel County
Humane Rescue Alliance

Our Location


Directions: Take the Capital Beltway (I-495/I-95) to MD-4 North/West/Pennsylvania Ave (Exit-11B- towards Washington) and turn RIGHT onto Forestville Rd/Ritchie Rd. At the third stoplight, turn RIGHT onto D’Arcy Rd. The clinic is on the left side directly across from the former Prince George’s County animal control facility.

We hold walk-in low-cost vaccination clinics on the first Sunday of the month. No appointment needed.

Please check our calendar for specific details.