Hi, I'm Snoop

Beagle Mix | Adult | Male | Medium

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About Me

Woof! Hey there, I’m Snoop, the ultimate canine companion you’ve been searching for! If you’re looking for a dog who’s as friendly as they come, well, you’ve hit the jackpot with me.

First things first, let’s talk about my personality. I’m basically a walking ray of sunshine! Whether you’re young or young-at-heart, human or furry, I get along with everyone (although I don’t have much experience with cats and have not made up my mind about them). Seriously, put me in a room full of strangers, and I’ll make friends with every single one before you can say “fetch!”

Now, let’s talk skills. I am a pro at “sit,” getting belly rubs, and cuddling on the couch for Netflix binges. I also am very calm and mild-mannered when waiting for my human to feed me.

When I’m not charming the socks off everyone I meet, you’ll probably find me running around my backyard, sniffing and exploring, and chasing squirrels up trees. I love to take walks with my human around the block twice a day – my daily walk is my version of reading the newspaper!

One thing I love maybe a little too much is my stuffed animals. Sometimes I get so carried away that I eat the fabric and try to eat the squeakers, which can be very dangerous for my intestinal system. So, I have to be supervised with my toys and only given stuffies that I won’t rip to shreds immediately!

A long time ago, I hurt my leg and it caused both my knee and hip to be bad.  Because of that, they had to remove it, but no worries, I have three others!  I get around just fine for the most part (going down stairs sometimes can be a bit tricky) and don’t really miss it.

So, what do you say? Ready to welcome a lovable goofball like me into your home? Come on down to meet me, Snoop, and let’s start our adventure together. I promise, your days will be brighter with a Snoop by your side!

My Profile

  • Age and weight: I'm 5 years old and weigh 28 pounds
  • Good with kids: Yes
  • Good with dogs: Yes
  • Good with cats: Unknown
  • Fenced yard: Preferred
  • Suitable for townhouse and/or apartment: Yes, as long as there aren't too many stairs
  • House trained: Yes.
  • Crate trained: Yes
  • Barks when left alone: I’ll bark when you leave, but then I’ll settle down
  • Chews inappropriate items: No
  • Training: I know sit, but my foster mom says I need to work on other commands, like come when called
  • Activity level: Medium
  • Special needs: I'm a tripod, so have a little trouble going down stairs.

Meet Me

If you are interested in Snoop, consider letting us know by filling out a (no-obligation) adoption application. Please consult our Adoption FAQ before contacting us.

Please check the adoption-show-attendees page to see if Snoop will be attending the next adoption show.

NOTE: We are an all volunteer group and do not operate a shelter. All of our animals are in foster homes. We are unable to place our animals outside of the Baltimore/DC area.