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Sasha is a lab-terrier mix who was rescued from a hoarding situation after having at least one litter of puppies. She is loving, affectionate, and eager to please. Sasha is really smart and knows lots of commands. Her sit-stay is iron-clad and very impressive! Sasha is house trained, extremely playful, and very sweet. She is quick to roll over for a belly rub and she loves to play with just about any toy.

Even though Sasha lived with a number of dogs, she is not always sure how to play with new dogs. She needs more socialization and leash training, but she is basically a friendly, alert, active dog. Sasha is a perfect lady indoors, crates well and is a first-rate cuddler. She would benefit from a secure fenced yard.
Sasha was recently on T.V.!

If you are interested in Sasha, consider letting us know by filling out a (no obligation) adoption application (, and we will arrange a private meeting for you with Sasha. Sasha is unlikely to attend any adoption shows.