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(COURTESY POST) My name is Leonardo. I’m a friendly and playful indoor cat. I love to lay on laps (especially in the winter) and get pet, or brushed. I also love to play and wrestle with other cats. Sometimes this annoys other cats, but I love to make friends, so if you have playful cats too, we’d be a purrfect match!

A note from my mom: Leo went to the vet in December and is all caught up on his vaccines. He is a very healthy boy, but a bit overweight, so it’s recommended that he is fed diet food. Leo is a vocal cat, who meows when he wants attention. Be patient with him, and he’ll be a very lovable lap-cat.

I have loved and taken care of Leo since I rescued him about five years ago, but I’m looking for someone to give him a new forever home, because I now live with someone who is extremely allergic. To adopt Leo, there is an application and a small adoption fee. Upon adoption, you would receive all his medical records, along with his collar/tag confirming his up-to-date rabies vaccine. I have many cat items, including carrier, toys, water/food bowls, ball feeder (to help him lose weight), litter box, and more. If interested, I’m happy to negotiate an affordable price for all these items, as I won’t be needing them anymore.   Please contact me at: jpuiwong@gmail.com if you are interested in meeting this lovely boy.