Hi, I'm Connie. I’m adopted!

Keeshond Australian Shepherd | Baby | Female | Medium

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About Me

To everyone that submitted applications and inquiries for Connie – thanks you for your interest in adopting her.  Although we try to get back to everyone, the large number of applications and inquiries on her made that impossible.  At this time, she has been adopted.  Good luck with your search for a new pet!

Connie is awfully cute, with one brown and one blue eye. She boasts the softest caramel and black coat with a white-striped chest, double-coated and medium length.

Connie’s almost 20lb now and at 6 months old, may well only grow to her parent’s size of 32 – 35 pounds (no guarantees of course!).

Mom is a Keeshond and we suspect dad is a miniature Australian Shepherd (oh, careless love!).

This adorable, home-raised puppy is unique in personality and appearance. She’s active, healthy, and playful, just like her 7 siblings and will generate endless smiles with her antics.

A Keeshond is often described as a friendly, lively, outgoing, loyal, child-friendly breed. The mom of this puppy (seen in a picture with Connie), is still with her pup and boasts all those attributes. Mom grew up with a 5 year old boy and loves children. Physically, she has also passed along to her puppies the distinctive “spectacles” (eye glass markings) around their eyes, a curled tail and a beautiful, distinctive coat.

An Australian Shepherd is a breed said to be smart, work-oriented, and exuberant. They share many of the qualities that apply to a Keeshond, and often excel in agility and other dog sports.

As with all puppies, Connie is inclined to explore everything with her mouth, nose and nails so puppy-proofing her environment, and constant supervision, is essential. Patience to maintain and reinforce housetraining and a commitment to only positive training are also needed.

Connie a great match for someone who will be around the pup, and to a lesser degree when they’re a dog, much of the day and are active outdoors where a puppy or dog would be a great companion.

Grooming is easily done at home, even into adulthood. Although the coat will not require professional grooming or a special cut, both parent breeds are double-coated, so just an hour a week brushing it thoroughly to avoid mats and excessive shedding is all that’s needed.

Both breeds have a reputation for being quite easily trained if you’re consistent. To ensure a good start in life and a dog able to obey basic commands, we strongly recommend attending a puppy class and basic obedience class.

Connie is a smart pup! She loves the challenge of finding a way to get to you if she can see you! She’s just housetrained but you’ll want to be extra vigilant to take her outside after meals and when she wakes up so she doesn’t relapse. She can sleep through the night in her crate with no accidents but prefers a location where she can see you.

Connie has a loving yet independent personality and is very well-socialized, having lived with her mom and 7 siblings for her first 6 months, 2 resident dogs and an array of other pooches who come and go. She’s a good watchdog in her yard, but is usually quiet inside.

Connie is up-to-date on worming, vaccinations, and vet care and is microchipped. She was spayed April 10 and is recuperating quickly!

If you can provide a devoted forever-home where everyone will treasure Connie and support her growth into a well-balanced dog, please complete an application today! The adoption fee for this puppy is $400.

My Profile

  • Age: 6 months (DOB 10/17/21)
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Good with kids: Yes
  • Good with dogs: Yes
  • Good with cats: Yes
  • Fenced yard: Yes
  • Suitable for townhouse and/or apartment: No
  • House trained: Mostly
  • Crate trained: Yes
  • Barks when left alone: Occasionally
  • Chews inappropriate items: I occasionally chew inappropriate items.
  • Training: Little. Puppy class recommended.
  • Activity level: My activity level is medium-high.

Meet Me

If you are interested in Connie. I’m adopted!, consider letting us know by filling out a (no-obligation) adoption application. Please consult our Adoption FAQ before contacting us.

Although Connie will not attend adoption events, final applicants will have an opportunity to visit Connie in her foster home’s fenced yard.

NOTE: We are an all volunteer group and do not operate a shelter. All of our animals are in foster homes. We are unable to place our animals outside of the Baltimore/DC area.