Lady. I’m adopted!

Lady was adopted March 2018!

Lady is an incredibly happy, loving, and loyal companion. She is some type of border collie mix — we think part pomeranian because she’s small and has pointy ears. She is still very young so still needs some training on not jumping up, nipping, or begging, but she is very smart and VERY food motivated.

Lady is an incredibly social pup so she needs constant stimulation with other humans or dogs. It is very hard to tire her out without some kind of puppy playdate so she would be well suited for a house with lots of activity or other active dogs. Once she’s gotten her play time for the day, Lady LOVES to snuggle. Once she cuddles up next to you, she’ll stay and protect you for hours.

Interested in adding Lady to your family? Come meet her at an adoption show!

Milo. I’m adopted!

Milo was adopted March of 2018!

Watch this!

Old age is no picnic. But imagine finding you can no longer walk properly, and then your family abandons you. It would be easy to give up on life… but not Milo!

Milo wants to be wherever you are. He’ll follow you around when he’s walking well and when he’s not, he loves to sit where he can watch you. He loves to be held, or carried, or just lie in your lap. He’s the perfect companion while you’re watching TV, gardening or enjoying your yard.

Milo does have a few health problems.
IVDD, intervertebral disk disease, causes him to sometimes drags his rear legs but on good days, he walks on all 4 legs. Recently, he got a doggy wheelchair that’s very easy to use and promises to give him an ease of movement he may not have had for years. Milo also has a heart murmur but is asymptomatic.

Milo’s house-training is impressive and there’s no issue with his cleanliness.

Milo’s a quiet dog and finds a lot of noise and erratic activity unsettling so a calm household would be best.

Milo’s likes other dogs as long as they’re gentle but particularly loves small dogs. In fact, his ideal home would have another small, gentle dog. Most of all, Milo’s family would never desert him.

Cooper. I’m adopted!

Cooper was adopted March of 2018!

Cooper is an adorable little puppy. He is typical puppy – sweet,
social and playful. But he also comes with all the challenges puppies
bring – needing to work on housebreaking (although he seems to be
picking up on the concept quite quickly), lots of socialization with
new people and things in a positive manner, learning the appropriate
things to chew and not to chew, learning basic house manners, etc. At
this time, he needs a family who won’t leave him for more than about 4
hours per day. Preference will be given to applications with beagle
or hound experience.

If you are interested in adopting, come to a show to meet him. You
will fall in love!