Hi, We're Castor & Pollux (Courtesy Post)

Domestic Medium Hair | Baby | Male | Medium

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About Us


Castor is 10 weeks old as of 7/3/24. He is very playful and sweet. Castor can be seen chasing anything that looks elongated, such as a string or his mom’s tail. He eagerly awaits Temptations snacks, and will eat the puree directly out of the tube or chase any hard snack that’s tossed his way. Whether he’s up on a cat tree playing or cuddling with his siblings, he would bring a ton of energy into your home.

Pollux is also 10 weeks old as of 7/3/24. He brings a shy and gentle level of affection to anyone that wants to be his friend. He does have a wild side when he warms up to his situation, but above all else, he really loves his siblings and his mama. Just like his brother, Pollux will put the shyness behind him when Temptations are out. He also tends to melt into your arms when holding him, so if you need a future lap cat, Pollux is your guy.

Our Profiles

  • Ages: 10 weeks (as of 7/3/24)
  • Good with kids: Unsure
  • Good with dogs: unsure
  • Good with other cats: Yes
  • Suitable for townhouse and/or apartment: Yes
  • Activity level: still growing and will need lots of care and interactive play!

Meet Us

If you're interested in meeting Castor and Pollux, please email csadeghian93@gmail.com