Princess Tigerlily (Lily)

Passing on 11/3/18, Lily was a supreme cuddler. Also known as Meatloaf, Lilybug, Snugglebug, and Pest, she loved her family and was loved by them, most especially by her mom Amanda.  She loved to wrestle with her sisters Cricket (cat) and Lexi (dog), if only to enjoy the nap afterward even more.  Her chosen bed was between the heads of her humans, and her loud, contented purring would put even the most troubled insomniac right to sleep.  Amanda need only walk into her bedroom and Lily would jump onto the bed and begin urgently reminding her that it was time to snuggle and take a nap, regardless of time of day.  Lily’s short time on this earth was filled with so much love and affection, and she will be dearly missed.



RIP Winston, 1996 – 2012. Peacemaker, confidante, a true gentleman among dogs. The best foster dog ever, with impeccable conduct (except for the occasional wanderlust of his youth). Like a wise older brother, he helped countless other foster canines (and a few felines) flourish in the Terry home. There wasn’t a food he didn’t like, no being he couldn’t befriend, no game he would not gleefully join. He responded to aggression with confidence, to offenses with aplomb, and to weakness with patience. He was a devoted and generous friend, continually rescuing we who sought to rescue him. Regal to the end, his noble presence will always fill our home and hearts. (Photo by Pam Townsend)



RIP Max, 1995 – 2012. If one can have a canine soulmate, this lovely greyhound girl was mine. I have loved many dogs, but she was the dog of my heart. 17 years of pure devotion. I adored her. I will miss her exotic coat and her napkin-folded ears, her soulful brown eyes and those gentle licks. The ticka-tick-tick of her claws as she trotted happily to greet me. The way she always leaned in, just needing to be a little closer. These last few years, I’ve especially missed watching her run — she almost flew. So it helps me now to know she’s running again, lithe and graceful and finally free. (Photo by Pam Townsend)